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Employer of Record

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Employer of Record

We provide Employer of Record (EOR) services for foreign companies who have remote employees in the Philippines

With Loft’s EOR services, you can continue hiring remote employees or freelancers from the Philippines, without the need of setting up a local office or risking local employment laws. By acting as their Employer of Record, we can help you easily manage and pay your remote team here in the Philippines.

We provide Employer of Record (EOR) services for foreign companies who have remote employees in the Philippines

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Getting Loft as your EOR: How does it work?

An EOR, or Employer of Record, is a third-party company that manages employment-related tasks of a foreign company who wish to hire offshore employees. With Loft as your EOR, we can handle the payroll processing, HR management, employee benefits and tax compliance of your employees here in the Philippines.

Our end to end services can extend to providing an office space for your employees, work permit processing, IT support and other corporate legal assistance that you need.

Why choose Loft as your EOR services provider

Since 2012, we have been helping startups and foreign companies expand their business by outsourcing here in the Philippines. We have a solid team of legal counsels, business consultants, HR & recruitment specialists and accounting experts who can help you with your offshoring needs. We have worked with companies in the US, Australia, Singapore as well as other international cities across the globe.

Why choose Loft as your EOR services provider

Our EOR package includes the following services:

  • Payroll disbursement
  • Statutory contributions
  • Tax compliance
Account Management & IT Support
  • Supervision of your remote team
  • Day-to-day support of your team
  • Help you implement changes to your team
  • Help you scale your team as needed
  • Onsite and offsite IT support
  • Biometric security to access our coworking space
  • Hardware and software procurement assistance
Other Optional Services
  • Assistance in getting work visas and permits
  • Dedicated office space for your remote team
  • Virtual office services
  • Coworking and corporate event space
  • Web development outsourcing services
  • Online marketing outsourcing services
  • Other back office support

FAQs About Employer of Record Services

What does an EOR do?

The EOR can perform various employment processes on behalf of its clients. Below are some of the most common duties of EORs:

  • Arrange visas and work permits for the employee
  • Process payroll
  • Provide consolidated invoicing
  • Study the host country’s labor laws
  • Comply with the regulatory and legal requirements of employment, taxation, and payroll
  • Assess the client’s legal benefits
  • Act as an intermediary between government authorities and the client
  • Onboarding workers
  • Creating timesheets and implementing incentive schemes
  • Advise the client of the required notice periods, termination rules, etc.
  • Advise the client regarding the best offshoring strategies
What are the benefits of using an EOR?

Every country has its own employment laws and regulations, as well as requirements for foreign companies and entities. It’s certainly very challenging for these foreign companies to meet all those rules on their own.

Using EOR services can help your company save time and resources, which you can allocate for income-generating activities and other priorities. Aside from these, there are other excellent benefits of using an EOR:

  • No need for local incorporation
  • Reduced accountability for employee welfare
  • Compliance with local laws and regulations
When should I use an EOR?

Hiring an EOR is definitely helpful to organizations and businesses that want to expand their reach overseas. If you’re interested in working with an EOR, we’ve listed some situations where this partnership will be useful:

  • Expand and explore new markets
  • Expand capabilities and reduce cost through offshoring and outsourcing solutions
  • Guard against untrustworthy independent contractors
  • Facilitate and acquisition
  • Act as an entity stopgap
Does Loft work with a third-party recruitment team?

We have an in-house team that handles all the services that we offer here at Loft. We don’t outsource any of our work. We have the following departments in our company: People & Culture (HR), Accounting, Legal, IT, Account Management, Client Support, Development, Design, Digital Marketing.

We are not a tech or BPO company, can you still hire employees for us?

Send us an inquiry so we can have a further understanding of your business and the talents you require. We work with companies who are engaged in various industries. However, we do not provide staffing services for the manual labor force, and those in the hospitality/healthcare/manufacturing/construction industry.

What are Loft’s locations and business hours?

We are closed on Sundays.

Loft Ortigas
• Walk-ins welcome!
• Open from Monday to Saturday (8AM-6PM)
• 30th Floor, One Corporate Center Meralco Ave cor. Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Philippines
Navigate via Google Maps

Loft BGC
• By appointment only
• Open from Monday to Friday (8AM-6PM)
• Unit 707, 7th Floor, One Park Drive, 11th Drive Corner 9th Avenue, BGC, Taguig, Philippines
Navigate via Google Maps

Loft Makati
• By appointment only
• Open from Monday to Friday (8AM-6PM)
• 9th Floor AIA Tower, 8767 Paseo de Roxas, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila, Philippines
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If you have other questions that are not answered in the above FAQ, please feel free to get in
touch with us via email at [email protected], via call at +63-917-899-1111 or using our website’s Contact Us