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SEC Registration

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SEC Registration

Get Your SEC Certificate in 72 Hours

Register your local business fast and get your SEC e-certificate from our business registration experts.

Get Your SEC Certificate in 72 Hours

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Benefits of SEC Business Registration

Benefits of SEC Business Registration

The SEC is a government agency that is responsible for regulating and managing the business sector in the Philippines. It has the authority to create policies related to the securities market and to direct the Congress and other government agencies on securities market issues.

If you’re planning to establish a business in the Philippines, whether as a local or foreign incorporator, it is necessary to undergo SEC registration as a prerequisite for conducting any business activities.

72-Hour SEC Registration

72-Hour SEC Registration

If you’re planning to launch your business anywhere in the Philippines, we can help you acquire an SEC e-Certificate in 72 hours. Contact us about our package today!

What is included in the 72-Hour SEC Registration package?

Here are the inclusions of our 72-Hour SEC Registration package:
- Name Search Availability (up to 10 names)
- One-time Name Reservation
- Articles of Incorporation drafting
- By-laws drafting
- Stock and Transfer Book Registration

What is the turnaround time for the 72-Hour SEC Registration package?

The process starts with the contract signing and payment confirmation. In 72 hours (counted in business days), we will proceed with the signing and notarization, allowing you to receive your SEC e-Certificate.

How do I know if my business is eligible for this product?

Our 72-Hour SEC Registration package is only applicable to businesses that fulfill the following conditions:
- Owners should be all Filipino (individuals)
- Must be residents of the Philippines
- Company Name must have a name descriptor according to its industry classification
- Primary purpose or main activity must be predetermined/fixed
- Corporation’s location is not in any of the economic zones
- Within exclusive list of industry classification

Where can I check the exclusive list of industry classification?

For which industries are eligible for this product, please check the list below:
- Agriculture
- Fishery
- Electric generation
- Hotel
- Printing and publishing
- Activities of a holding company
- Hospital
- Wholesale trading of goods
- Retail trading of goods
- Wholesale and retail trading of goods
- Construction
- Advertising
- Real estate
- Management consultancy
- Land transportation
- Courier services
- Business process outsourcing
- Telecommunications
- Gas station
- Travel agency
- Restaurant
- Mining
- Security agency
- Recruitment
- Arrastre and Stevedoring services
- Film production
- Logistics
- IT/software applications
- Sea transportation
- Air transportation
- Cargo consolidator
- Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
- Schools