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February 7, 2023by Gianna Feliciano

Registering Your Startup Company as a Sole Proprietorship

Most businesses in the Philippines must undergo the business registration process. One will have to go through several government agencies to register so that once commercial o...

February 2, 2023by Gianna Feliciano

Why Choose Loft as Your EOR

An EOR, or Employer of Record, is a third-party company that manages employment-related tasks of a foreign company who wish to hire offshore employees.   When should...

January 19, 2023by Gianna Feliciano

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Accounting

Accounting outsourcing has been becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. Here are other reasons why you might consider outsourcing your accounting:   1. ...

December 27, 2022by Gianna Feliciano

How to Get Loft as Your Virtual Office

A virtual office is a more affordable solution for new entrepreneurs and businesses who are just starting out. It is an alternative way of obtaining a virtual business address ...

December 20, 2022by Gianna Feliciano

Pinoy Startup Guide: Registering Your Business in the Philippines

As an entrepreneur, you may have a big business idea that you're interested in developing and executing. However, setting up a business isn't as easy as it seems - there is a d...

December 6, 2022by Gianna Feliciano

1 Year With Loft Spaces BGC

It’s been a year since we opened our BGC location! We’re grateful to our Loft BGC clients and coworkers, and we’re excited to continue working with you next year. Read on...

December 1, 2022by Gianna Feliciano

Benefits of Getting a Virtual Office from Loft

A virtual office is an alternative way of obtaining a virtual business address without renting a physical space. This is a great option for startups, entrepreneurs who are just...

November 22, 2022by Gianna Feliciano

Roles & Responsibilities of a Nominee Director

What is a Nominee Director? A Nominee Director is a Filipino citizen and resident appointed by foreign shareholders to fulfill compliance requirements during and after their...

November 17, 2022by Gianna Feliciano

How to Renew Your Business Permit for 2023

Business permits expire at the end of every year on December 31st. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) requires all registered companies in Philippines to renew their business...

November 8, 2022by Gianna Feliciano

How to Avoid Trademark Infringement

What is a Trademark? A trademark is a registered symbol, usually a brand name or logo, that is used to represent a company or product. As a form of intellectual property, it s...

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