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Virtual Office

Get an Instant Business Address with a Virtual Office from Loft

  • Business Address in Ortigas or BGC
  • Call Answering Service
  • Mail Receiving Service
  • Access to Business Amenities

Affordable packages starting from ₱1,899 / month

Get an Instant Business Address with a Virtual Office from Loft

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Get Your Business Up & Running in Just a Day

Provided you have all the initial document requirements ready, we can give your company a virtual address here in Ortigas within 24 hours.
A virtual office is a more affordable solution for new entrepreneurs and businesses who are just starting out.

VO Plus

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  • For existing companies who wish to have a change of business address. For business registration purposes, choose VO Pro.
  • Get 1 prime business district address from either our Ortigas or BGC location.
  • Use address on your website and marketing collaterals.
  • Receiving of mails and parcel
  • Real-time SMS and email alerts
  • Mail forwarding assistance
  • Front desk assistance
  • Receiving of calls via Loft hotline
  • Real-time SMS and email alerts
  • Hot desk access for 10 hours/month for 2 persons
  • Conference room access for 5 hours/month
  • Printer access (free 5 B&W pages)
  • Lounge access
  • Loft community catalogue
  • Loft community events
  • 10% discount of webinar space booking
  • 1 hour free consultation on the ff: corporate compliance, accounting/bookkeeping, payroll management, HR, IT setup, web design & development

Startup Package

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  • All the perks in our Virtual Office Pro package
  • Plus business incorporation & registration service (domestic or one-person corporation, foreign corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership )

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Office?

Loft’s Virtual Office service is an alternative way of obtaining a virtual business address without renting a physical space. This is a great option for startups, entrepreneurs who are just starting out and small businesses that have remote or home-based operations. We offer two different packages, Virtual Office Plus and Virtual Office Pro.


What’s the difference between Virtual Office Plus vs Virtual Office Pro?

VO Plus is our entry level package that gets you a business address in Ortigas, Pasig that you can use for marketing purposes only, not for registration. VO Pro gets you a business address in Ortigas that you can use for marketing purposes and also for business registration. There’s also a difference in the complimentary perks that come with each package. Please check the pricing table above.

Can you help me register my new company?

Business registration is a separate service that you can avail on top of your Virtual Office Pro package. Please get in touch with us so we can send you a proposal.

What does Loft offer vs other virtual office providers in the Philippines?

Loft provides affordable and no-frills packages and has one of the lowest priced virtual offices in the metro. We provide a turnaround of as fast as 1-day processing time (assuming all your requirements are complete) with digital signing options. We are an established Virtual Office provider in the Ortigas/Pasig and BGC/Taguig area with over 100 VO clients. Apart from providing virtual offices and flexible office spaces, Loft is also a one-stop shop for HR, IT, Legal, Accounting and other corporate compliance services.

I’m interested in availing a Virtual Office package from Loft.
What are the requirements I need to submit?
  1. Accomplished Client Information Sheet (to be provided by Loft)
  2. Company profile with signatories
  3. Valid government ID of signatories
  4. Business registration documents

Please contact us for further details.

My business name is still being processed with DTI or SEC.
Can I still apply for a Virtual Office?

Yes, you can still apply. We will place your temporary business name in the contract, then amend the contract once it has been processed with DTI or SEC.

Do you accept overseas clients who need a virtual address in the Philippines?

Yes, we accept overseas clients and foreign companies who wish to establish a business presence in the country.

I’m thinking of getting your Virtual Office package but don’t know where to start in terms of business registration.

Business registration is a separate service that we also offer here at Loft. If you want us to take care of your registration as well, simply avail a Virtual Office Pro package first and then ask us for a quote for registration. Pricing depends on the type of company you want to register, whether Domestic of Foreign Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, One Person Corporation or Partnership. Contact us to inquire further.

How long does it take if I want to avail a Virtual Office? Could it take a day or less?

If the client has submitted all the required documents, processing time could be as short as one day.

If I avail the Virtual Office, would it be possible for me to transition to the Private Office in the future?

Yes, you can transition to the Private Office according to your business needs.

If I avail a Virtual Office, are mail and call handling included?

Yes, mail and call handling are included in both of our Virtual Office packages. We receive your parcels and calls on your behalf, and notify you through text, call, or email on when you can pick up your package.

I want my packages delivered to my home address. Do you also have mail and call forwarding?

At present, we do not offer mail forwarding services. As for calls, we can only take messages from callers and then relay them to you via text or email.

If I have a Virtual Office, do I get access to other Loft services?

Yes, we offer credits for everyone who avails a Virtual Office package:

  • Those who bought Virtual Office Plus get ten (10) hours coworking space access and five (5) hours conference room access.
  • Those who bought Virtual Office Pro get thirteen (13) hours coworking space access and eight (8) hours conference room access.
  • After the complimentary hours have been consumed, you still have the option to book additional hours, at regular rates.
Can I avail a private office on an as-needed basis?

Definitely. We have a Private Office Flex package that you can avail per day or per week, which is a great option for people who have an irregular office schedule.

Can I book a conference room at any time?

Feel free to approach our community manager on duty to show you our available rooms for that day. You may also make an online booking at our website,

What are the payment options for my virtual office package?

Our virtual office rates are among the lowest in the country, and you can pay for your VO package upfront after signing the service agreement. This advanced payment covers 6 or 12 months of service and can be paid via credit card, check or bank deposit.

If I buy a Virtual Office package, can I visit Loft and use the amenities at any time?

Yes, you may use the included amenities and avail your free coworking or conference room hours. Once the free hours are consumed, you may book additional hours at regular rates. If you’re planning to visit or meet a client Loft, it’s always best to book your visit in advance.

What are Loft’s business hours?

Loft used to be open 24/7. But in compliance with the ongoing pandemic guidelines, our new hours are from Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 6PM. We are closed on Sundays.

If you have other questions that are not answered in the above FAQ, please feel free to get in
touch with us via email at [email protected], via call 0917-899-0044 or using our website’s contact form.