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coworking spaces

With our fast & reliable internet, shared office amenities and friendly support staff, we can help you have an awesome work day!

Simply select a location (Ortigas, BGC, Makati, or Quezon City) and book a desk whenever you need an instant office space, or avail our monthly coworking pass.

Inquire Now
We’re open daily 6 days a week

Come in as early as 8am and stay until our closing hours at 6pm. We also have a night pass available for group bookings in our Ortigas location.

Flexible spaces within reach

Our spaces here at Loft are not just focused on coworking. We also have conference rooms and a stage setup for corporate or live stream virtual events.

Safe and sanitized workspace

We always have your safety in mind. Rest assured that our coworking space and meeting rooms are all sanitized multiple times a day. Safe distancing practices and health guidelines are also observed here.

Extra services and amenities

Loft is your one stop shop for all thing business. Not only we provide coworking amenities such as fast internet, free flowing coffee and printing facilities — we also go beyond that. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to register your business or get hiring, bookkeeping or legal services, we can definitely help you.

Desk Space Options


Regular Desk (Hourly)
  • Open seating, choose any available desk
  • Good option if you’re looking for a space to do quick client meetings
  • Available in all locations


Regular Desk (Half Day)
  • Open seating, choose any available desk
  • Good option for people who are looking to finish some urgent work for the day
  • Available in all locations


Regular Desk (Full Day)
  • Open seating, choose any available desk
  • Maximize your day and work at our space between 8AM to 6PM
  • Available in all locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a desk during the night shift? Are you open on weekends?

Our coworking spaces are open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm. Loft Ortigas is open on Saturdays as well. If you want to make the most of your coworking day pass, priced at P550/day, we recommend you come in as early as 8am.


Loft Ortigas has a night pass available, with a booking requirement of 10 pax. Contact us for more details.

I’d like to rent a desk space. Can I bring a guest with me?

Only paying guests can stay inside our coworking area and use our desks. However, if you have a friend, client or guest who’s dropping off something important for you (e.g. food, documents), we can receive them in our reception area and you can meet them there. If your guest would like to stay and work with you for the rest of the day and also use our internet, they can ask our staff at the reception area to purchase a desk pass.

Is there a kitchen area where I can eat? Can I have food delivered?

We have a coffee station where you can help yourself to free flowing coffee, and we also have a pantry area that you can use during lunch or snack time. You may drink your coffee and eat bite sized snacks (chips, cookies) at your desk but for heavy meals (rice, pasta, food with strong smell), please eat it at the pantry. Feel free to use our microwave for heating food, and get purified hot and cold water from our dispenser.

My work involves calling a lot of people throughout the day.
Do you allow this?

Yes we have had guests who are online tutors, virtual assistants, support specialists and salespersons. You are free to conduct calls when at your desk, provided that you mind the volume and modulation of your voice, in consideration for your fellow coworkers who prefer a quiet environment. If you feel that you’d like some privacy or talk at a louder voice than normal, we have a phone call booth for you to use, or you can take your call at our pantry area or even outside, at our roof deck area. We also have enclosed meeting rooms that you can rent per hour.

Do I need to wear a face mask and face shield while working?

For the safety of your own health as well as our other guests and staff, everyone must adhere strictly to wearing face masks at all times. We hope the coronavirus situation improves soon so we can do away with this protocol.

I love working at Loft. Is there a cheaper or better space
alternative for regular guests?

Feel free to approach our community manager on duty to walk you through your options. You may choose to avail of the more affordable monthly pass or consider upgrading to a private office flex package if your budget allows.

For other questions, feel free to send your inquiries to our contact page.

People Love Working At Loft

“My experience at Loft was awesome. It was peaceful and I worked properly as expected with no disturbance. I will definitely go here again next time. Staff were all accommodating and Mia was superb with her assistance for me with all my inquiries. Everyone was kind and respectful. I love the vibe that you’re like working in office and feel at home at the same time. Unli coffee was amazing too since I can’t start work without coffee. Thanks Loft and Mia. See you again the soonest.”

Glendale Ramirez via Google Review

“Overall my teammates and I had a great experience! When I booked for a private office, Mia was very quick to respond, answered all of my questions and was super kind! During the day of my booking, the office was clean, spacious, had a great view, and the wifi was strong. A perfect private space for us to get our work done. Thanks Loft staff for accommodating us!”

Danielle Ralleca via Google Review

“Our team had a lovely time using Loft’s coworking desk space! Mia was very helpful and attended to my queries promptly, and the staff at the site – from Suzy to the security personnel – were all very friendly and professional. I definitely recommend using Loft when your team needs a convenient spot to meet around Ortigas!”

Josiah Eufemio via Facebook Review

“Love that this place boosted our productivity by providing us convenience—fast internet, readily available sockets, and overflowing coffee. Definitely recommending this place to those who need a fresh environment, and even community, in this new normal set-up.”

Rica Culata via Google Review