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Corporate Support Services

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Corporate Support Services

Corporate Services for Companies in Metro Manila

We provide corporate secretarial services, nominee directorship services, corporate housekeeping support and contract management services for startups, small business and medium to large-scale companies. Inquire about our services today.

corporate support service

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Corporate Secretary Services

Corporate Secretary Services

Corporate housekeeping refers to the tasks or duties that a corporate secretary or compliance officer needs to perform in order to keep a corporation in line with the legal side of things all throughout its operation. This mostly involve meetings, contracts, record-keeping, and the likes which are all ideal and are very much needed for both startups and large-scale companies.

Corporate Secretaries act as officers of the corporation and are required to be both a resident and citizen of the Philippines. But you should not appoint someone just because they meet the citizenship and residency requirements.

In order to perform tasks effectively, your corporate secretary must also have a good understanding of relevant laws and regulations. Our team can perform corporate secretarial duties for your company.

Nominee Director Services

Nominee Director Services

We provide Nominee Director Services to local and foreign investors looking for nominee directors to be able to set up their business in the Philippines. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable of the roles and responsibilities of a nominee director, as well as other corporate housekeeping and legal compliance matters.

Contract Management Services

Contract Management Services

Work with our business consultants and lawyers in drafting, reviewing and finalizing your business documents and contracts.

Corporate Secretary + Contract Management Package (Monthly)
Nominee Directorship + Corporate Secretary + Contract Management Package

Do you provide standard legal consultancy services aside from the above?

While we cannot specifically provide strict legal services because of the restrictions in the Philippines, we do provide some compliance and corporate business solutions that tap into some legal expertise. In particular, we can help in managing your contracts.

How do you manage your client’s contracts?

We will assist you in preparing and reviewing contracts with your business partners and vendors. These include the following:

Sales agreements
Vendor agreements
Promotional partnership contracts
Simple commercial transactions

By engaging our services, we shall also give you access to our database of standard contract templates which you can use for your regular operations.