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HR Services

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remote hr support

Avail our white label HR services and we can fill in the gaps in your HR processes.

Our People & Culture team are ready to help you setup HR policies for your startup company, create the best HR policies, and do backrgound checks when setting up your remote teams here in the Philippines.

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Outsource Your HR Needs Today

Struggling to find the right HR specialists for your company? Our range of HR services are perfect for startups with no solid HR policies in place yet, or for businesses who need extra help in drafting HR policies, documents or doing background check. We can also help foreign companies who have remote teams here in the Philippines and in need a dedicated HR team to manage them or act as their Employer of Record.

Most Popular Startup Package Startup Package

If you’re a brand new company with no HR policies and documents in place yet, this is the perfect service for you. Our starter package includes:

  • HR audit
  • HR consultation
  • Creation of job
    offer letter template
  • Creation of full-time
    employment contract template
  • Creation of
    regularization letter template
  • Creation of company
New Service Employer of Record Services Employer of Record Services

We provide this service to foreign companies who would like to outsource their administrative works or hire employees here in the Philippines but don't want to go through the hassle of business registration and setting up their own entity here.

  • Act as EOR for your Philippine-based employee
  • HR support for employee
  • Payroll management & disbursement
  • Attendance validation
  • Account management
  • Coworking credits of 20 hrs/month/person
  • IT support at coworking space
HR Experts

With over 20 years of experience in working within the tech industry, we can lend instant support for companies such as call centers, IT companies, digital agencies, web design firms and creative/advertising companies.

FAQs on HR Services

Do you work with a third party HR team?

Loft has an in-house People & Culture team and employs its own HR consultants and specialists.

We are not a tech or BPO company, can you hire talents for us?

Send us an inquiry so we can have a further understanding of your business and the people you require. Currently we do not provide hiring services for the skilled labor force.

Do you only work with business owners who are residing in The Philippines?

Our services are available to both domestic companies and foreign business owners who wish to venture into business here in The Philippines.

If I avail an HR Service package, can I visit Loft and use the amenities at any time?

Unless you have also availed a Virtual Office, EOR Package or Private Office service from Loft, you have to make a paid booking every time you need to use our office amenities. Please get in touch with us so we can assist you.

What are Loft’s business hours?

Our Ortigas location is open from Monday to Saturday (8AM-6PM), while our BGC and Makati locations are open from Monday to Friday (8AM-6PM). We are closed on Sundays.

If you have other questions that are not answered in the above FAQ, please feel free to get in
touch with us via email at hello(at)loft(dotted)ph, via call +63-917-899-1111 or using our website’s contact form.