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Business Registration

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Business Registration

Launch Your
Company With Our
Business Formation &
Registration Services

  • Hassle-free liaison service
  • End-to-end business registration
  • Virtual office address available
  • For domestic & foreign companies
 Launch Your <br>Company With Our <br>Business Formation & <br>Registration Services

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Business Registration Made Easy

We know how stressful it is to launch a new company, especially with the seemingly endless paperwork, and back and forth trips to different government agencies. This is why Loft offers end-to-end company formation and business registration services so you can hit the ground running in no time. We provide hassle-free service for the most common company types through our out of the box packages.

Sole Proprietorship

For new entrepreneurs, this is the simplest and fastest way to register a business. A single owner controls all assets and profits and can freely mix business and personal assets.

One Person Corporation

Enjoy most of the benefits of a traditional corporation without the need to bring in more stockholders. Learn more about OPC, including our registration packages here.


A general or limited partnership, consisting of two or more individuals, might be suitable for some foreign companies who wish to venture into business in The Philippines.

Foreign Corporation

If you are a foreign company or investor, you may register as a domestic corporation, or a resident foreign corporation via a Branch Office, Representative Office, RHQ or ROHQ.

New Service Business Renewal

Plan your business permit renewal ahead of time to avoid long queues and possible penalties. Avail our renewal services and we can save you the hassle of doing the paperwork yourself.

FAQs on Business Registration

What's the scope of Loft's business registration services?

Loft offers Business Registration services to local and foreign entities seeking to register a business in the Philippines. We provide end-to-end assistance, from company incorporation, foreign licensing, application for business permits, and corporate housekeeping/secretarial work to determining eligibility for government tax incentives, general compliance work, and corporate restructuring.

We offer expert advice to businesses of all sizes, from small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations, on the most suitable business entity you can register, whether your purpose is to incorporate a local company or obtain licensing for setting up your back-office or regional headquarters in the Philippines.

We can also help you assess the suitability of your market-entry plans while evaluating the following:

  • Nature of business
  • List of business activities to engage in
  • Capital requirements on the chosen industry (and options for reducing the minimum capital required for starting operations)
  • Appointment of Nominee Director/s or Resident Agent
    Designation of Corporate Officers (President, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, etc.)
  • Need for special or secondary licenses/permits (if client will engage in a regulated industry)
  • Ideal location for the business
  • Staffing requirements to assess the approximate size of office space and facilities
Do you work with a third party legal team or do you have your own?

Loft employs its own corporate lawyer and a team of accountants and business registration experts.

How long does it take to register a new company?

The timeframe of registration will vary depending on the business entity type that you will choose, as well as the completeness of the requirements. Please click on the above company types to view the details for each.

What are the standard requirements for business registration in the Philippines?

The requirements vary depending on the type of business entity that you wish to register (OPC, Domestic Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Foreign Corporation). However, you should at least accomplish the following pre-registration requirements in order to begin the registration process.

  1. Desired company name (prepare 3 options)
  2. Contract of lease of your office / business address
  3. Appointed resident agent for foreign corporations

If you need help in accomplishing the above items, please mention this in your consultation with our account manager or legal representative from Loft.

If I avail a Business Registration package, can I visit Loft and use the amenities at any time?

If you have availed a Virtual Office package from Loft on top of business registration, you may enjoy the amenities in our coworking space. However, if you’ve opted for the registration packages only, you have to make a paid booking every time you need to use our office spaces here at Loft.

What are Loft’s business hours?

Loft used to be open 24/7. But in compliance with the ongoing pandemic guidelines, our new hours are from Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 6PM. We are closed on Sundays.

If you have other questions that are not answered in the above FAQ, please feel free to get in
touch with us via email at hello(at)loft(dotted)ph, via call 0917-899-0044 or using our website’s Contact Us.