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How to Get an Alien Employment Permit in the Philippines

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How to Get an Alien Employment Permit in the Philippines

February 14, 2022

How to Get an Alien Employment Permit in the Philippines

How to Get an Alien Employment Permit in the Philippines

The alien employment permit (AEP) is an important requirement for foreign nationals and employers if they’re seeking admission to the Philippines for employment purposes. Applying for this permit may seem like a complicated process but this guide hopes to answer some of the frequently asked questions about how to get an AEP in the Philippines.


What is an alien employment permit?

The alien employment permit or AEP is a permit issued to nonresident aliens or foreign nationals seeking admission to the Philippines for employment purposes. This permit is a requirement under Article 40 of the Labor Code of the Philippines. The AEP is issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) through the Regional Director who has jurisdiction over the foreign national’s intended place of work.


Who is required to apply for an AEP?

According to DOLE, those that need to apply for an AEP include:

  • All foreign nationals who intend to engage in gainful employment in the Philippines;
  • Foreign professionals who are allowed to practice their profession in the Philippines under reciprocity and other international agreements and in consultancy services pursuant to Section 7 (j) of the PRC Modernization Act of 2000;
  • Holders of Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV), Special Retirees Resident Visa (SRRV), Treaty Traders Visa (9d), or Special Non-Immigrant Visa (47a2) for as long as they occupy any executive, advisory, supervisory, or technical position in any establishment.


For how long is an AEP valid?

The AEP is valid for one (1) year or for as long as the duration of employment, consultancy services, or other modes of employment or term of office, which should not exceed five years. An AEP is only valid for the position and company for which it was issued.



What are the requirements I need to get an AEP?

Below are the documentary requirements and fees you need to prepare when applying for an AEP:

Documentary requirements

  • Accomplished application form;
  • Photocopy of Passport, with visa or Certificate of Recognition for refugees;
  • Notarized contract of employment/appointment or Board Secretary’s Certificate of Election;
  • Photocopy of Mayor’s Permit to Operate Business, or in case of locators in economic zones, Certification from the PEZA or the Ecozone Authority that the company is located and operating within the ecozone;
  • Business Name Registration and Application Form from the Department of Trade and Industry or Securities and Exchange Commission Registration and General Information Sheet (1 certified true copy);
  • Special Temporary Permit if the position title of the foreign national is included in the list of regulated professions (1 certified true copy);
  • If the employer is covered by the Anti-Dummy Law, an Authority to Employ Foreign National (1 photocopy); and
  • Photocopy of current AEP (if you’re applying for a renewal).


  • The permit fee is P9,000 for up to one year of validity, plus P4,000 for every additional year of validity or a fraction thereof, but not to exceed five years. These fees will be paid upon submission of the application.


How does the AEP application process go?

Below are some of the basic steps you will need to go through to file your AEP application:

  1. Acquire a copy of the application form and list of requirements from a DOLE office or download a PDF copy from the DOLE Regional Office website.
  2. Submit the filled-out application form and complete documentary requirements to the attending DOLE officer.
  3. Get the order of payment.
  4. Bring the order of payment to a designated cashier and pay the required permit fees to get an official receipt.
  5. Wait for the DOLE office to publish the AEP application in a newspaper or on the official DOLE website, evaluate the documents, approve the application, and print the AEP card.
  6. Present the official receipt to the attending DOLE officer to receive the AEP on the scheduled release date. An authorization letter and a photocopy of an official ID may be required if the claimant is other than the one who filed the application.


How long is the processing period for an AEP?

If the application is filed at the Regional Office, the AEP may be issued within 24-48 hours after publication. However, if the application is filed at one of the Field Offices, the AEP may be issued within five working days.


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